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Welcome to SmartBrother.org where we aim to provide our readers with values by offering information on various topic from tech to home.

With our expertise from daily life, we have done the heavy lifting of researching the products for various needs and posting them in our in-depth reviews, we also create How-To Guides to help our readers.

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Edward Kurtz

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Our mission is to provide well-researched product reviews by our pool of experts to our readers without the influence of paid reviews.

Our Vision

We aim to be the go-to site for all the brothers out there with different problems by using our resource.

Smart Brother’s Editoral Team


James Carter

James is a high school teacher who knows a thing or two about home upgrading. Sometimes he prefers to create his own DIY instead of buying it off the shelves. When he is not teaching in school, normally he will go fishing by the river.


Jack Foss

Jack is in-charged of our tech section. Coming from a humble background, jack has developed a love for technology and gadgets. Jack takes the time to research and buys his own gear and he came up with his own set of rules for selecting good products with an affordable price range.