How to choose the right pillow for side sleepers

Side sleeping is becoming a more popular sleep position. It is often recommended by doctors to avoid back pain, as well as the frequent side-effects of a stiff neck and shoulder from either sleeping on your stomach or your back. Because of this increase in popularity, you may be wondering how to choose the right pillow for side sleepers. If so, we highly recommend reading this blog post!


Benefits of side sleeping

Sleeping positions should vary not only with the time of the day, but also with people’s habits and lifestyles. Sleeping on your back is common for those who experience breathing difficulties when on their stomach, but it can also be useful for athletes and those who have to get up early in the morning. However, sleeping on your back can lead to other complications as well. For example, it is not recommended if you suffer from a sore or stiff neck and shoulders because you are most likely positioning your head too high in an effort so that you do not snore. Sleeping at an angle that matches the natural curve of your spine has many benefits; it alleviates pressure points caused by improper alignment of the neck, shoulders and back.

How to choose a pillow for side sleepers

Pillows are very important when it comes to improving sleeping comfort. Not only does the wrong pillow choice have a negative effect on our sleeping time, but it can even cause an increase in muscle pain or stiffness. When choosing your ideal pillow, below are some guidelines for you to follow.


You can choose pillows that are filled with different materials, for example: latex, memory foam or a combination of both. If you are dealing with issues from sleeping on your side, you could choose a pillow filled with extra-soft foams such as latex or memory foam. These materials offer greater pressure relief and a more comfortable sleep experience.


You may have to account for the weight of your pillow when you are choosing a pillow for side sleepers. The heavier the better, as a heavier pillow will be more comfortable than a lightweight one. You can also use the old rule of thumb that says that you should rest on your elbows and knees on your mattress before choosing a pillow.


The type of fabric that you choose for your pillow can affect your comfort and the appearance of your bed as well. Silk and satin fabrics, for example, help to keep the pillow in place. You might also want to consider using a cotton or natural fiber pillowcase because it is more breathable and allows the skin to “breathe” easier. There are also many different patterns of pillows that you can choose from, such as those with stripes, patterns or designs.


When choosing a pillow for side sleepers, you should choose one that is neither too long nor short. If it is too big, it will move around as you are sleeping; if it is too small, you might find that it is uncomfortable or even painful. The best option would be to take a measurement of your mattress and then choose a pillow with the same measurements or slightly larger than the measurements of your mattress.


It is important to choose a quality pillow. You should look for pillows that are made with high quality and durable materials, because this will ensure that the pillow will last longer.


When you are choosing your ideal pillow, you should consider all of these points carefully. You should also make sure that the pillow is the right size for you and match your mattress. If you still have no idea how to choose the right pillow for side sleeping, visit this pillow recommended by us.

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